What In The World? MECHA School Out Of Control!!
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June 01, 2006, 08:21 PM
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The story is being followed by several people including Michelle Malkin and WorldNetDaily.

Here`s the breakdown:

There is a La Raza sponsored, MeCHA-esque charter school (a public school funded by taxpayers) in Los Angeles causing an awful lot of controversy as of late. From a Reconquista radical, racist Principal (Marcos Aguilar) to an appalling curriculum (think Aztec Dancing and Tai Chi) this school is a nightmare!

In fact, my column tonight takes a closer look the curriculum, faculty and academic objectives of Academia Semillas del Pueblo.

HOWEVER...the story this afternoon is about a reporter for KABC who was assaulted this morning while trying to interview the Principal among others at the school.

You won`t believe this...or maybe you will.

WorldNetDaily just released the latest details of this terrifying and still unfolding story:

Reporter claims assault at `racist` public school; Principal allegedly gave orders to `thug` who drove on curb, tackled radio man by Art Moore 6/01/06]

If you`re as appalled as we are by the behavior of this public school, check back in this evening for more background on Academia Semillas.