Willis And Chutkan: Red Diaper Anti-White Law Officers Who Spell “Justice” As “Politics”
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While writing Current Black Prosecutor Malfeasance Cases Suggest James/Engoron Trump Looting Thesis All Too Plausible, I did some research on Fulton County (Atlanta) DA Fani Willis.

This produced a very valuable piece Connecting the Dots Between Fani Willis and Unrepentant Communists, by Mike Gonzalez, The Heritage Foundation, September 11, 2023:

  1. Communist apparatchik Angela Davis ... has now been revealed as the live-in lover of John Floyd III, the father of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.
  2. Willis is extremely close to her Black Panther, conspiracy theory-mongering father, who raised her by himself and often took her along to his militant work.

For those not decrepit Boomers, Angela Davis, twice Communist Vice-Presidential candidate, is a hard-core  Leftist Princess only saved from conviction in a notorious 1970 political murder by jury nullification. Gonzales notes that she has been very active in recent years motivating BLM activities.

He also reports

Willis says she speaks with her father, who calls the police “the enemy” and still believes the CIA assassinated Malcolm X, about 10 times a day, so he remains an influence.

This of course reminds me of Diana West’s post Commissar Chutkan Channeling Her (Never Disavowed) Communist Family Tradition.

Diana lamented:

I suppose this is all more soul-searing evidence of how very far we have fallen as a republic; that it is a scion of Jamaican Marxists, appointed by the protege (possibly son) of an American Marxist, who presides over the judicial cover-up of the theft of legitimate power from the man who is the most anti-Communist President in American history.

Americans have to face the reality that the American Judiciary is now dominated by committed communists, all too often Red Diaper babies.

Peter Brimelow is right: Trump’s Indictment—Like I Said, This Is A Communist Coup.




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