William Barr Nomination: "We Love Him For The Enemies He Has Made"
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Earlier, I shared a memory from the first Bush Administration that made Trump's Attorney General William P. Barr look bad, but updates from our mutual enemies at Vox make him look better.

Ann Coulter pointed to this one:

See Vox here:

Attorney general nominee William Barr will fit right in with Trump’s immigration agenda
As George H.W. Bush’s attorney general, Barr built border barriers and turned away asylum seekers.
By Dara Lind dara@vox.com Dec 7, 2018, 1:20pm EST

See also this, from Vox:

William Barr helped establish mass incarceration. Now Trump wants him as attorney general.
As attorney general for George H.W. Bush, Barr was an architect of America’s punitive criminal justice system.
By German Lopez @germanrlopez german.lopez@vox.com Updated Dec 7, 2018, 1:30pm EST

That's also good news. In a post headed Obama, Left, And MSM Agree: "Stop Fearing Crime and Get Back to Fearing Guns!", Steve Sailer wrote "This graph by Ritchie King of Quartz Magazine illustrates what happened to the number of murders in New York City the last time progressives took over the criminal justice system." (Click to enlarge.)

That means that if Barr gets credit for that, he saved tens of thousands of lives.

So we can say, as someone once said of Grover Cleveland, that "We love him for the enemies he has made".



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