Will The Fat Become The Next Identity Politics Sacred Cow?
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From my new Taki’s Magazine column:

Unlike the unvaccinated, who are widely seen as worthy of hate and unlikely to ever be powerful enough to get revenge, the fat are increasingly to be feared.

It’s not that the fat rank terribly high on the pyramid of intersectionality…yet. But you can imagine that they might someday, and thus you can foresee yourself having your career canceled in, say, 2029 over some fat jokes you told in 2022.

You never know. I mean, did you foresee in 2013 that dudes in dresses would soon be sacred? Granted, the average fat person isn’t as tirelessly diligent in forcing the rest of us to acknowledge and submit to his or her preferred self-image as is a heterosexual man in a frock with one tasteful strand of pearls. But there are a lot more fat folks than there are ex-men.

So, better not to say anything for your permanent record.

Read the whole thing there.

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