Will Health Care Victory Mean Amnesty By Decree?
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Broadly speaking, of course, the Obama  Health Care plan consists of seizing the savings (via insurance) of economically competent whites and redistributing them to economically incompetent blacks, and immigrants - many of whom are certain  to be illegals.

This may be good social policy: it may not prove to be good  electoral politics.

Nevertheless, credit is due: President Obama’s will is proving to be a key factor in his Presidency. In this respect the gushing comparisons  to Lincoln at the time of the Inauguration may be proving to have merit.

Lincoln also was also primarily interested in redistribution — although sectional rather than racial. As I  remarked last year:

As luminously and I believe conclusively demonstrated by  Tom Dilorenzo in The Real Lincoln, Lincoln’s central interest was breaking the South’s preference for low tariffs and cheap British manufactured goods. The objective was protection for Northern manufacturers and the funding of lucrative infrastructure projects—”Internal Improvements”. Slavery alone was not enough to motivate the war—which is why he tried to dodge the issue when he took office.

Lincoln’s will resulted in massive disregard for public opinion and flagrant overriding of Constitutional and parliamentary practice. As the Hate Crime Bill  end run last year presaged and the Health Care battle proved, the Obama administration is similarly devoid of scruple.

Which is why Representative  Luis Gutierrez’s speech at the  Amnesty March yesterday is so serious. He did not actually call for legislation. He called for Obama to ”use his pen”.

At one end of America’s front yard –behind all of you– sits Abraham Lincoln. The great emancipator. In 1863, with one signature, he turned hope into victory for millions of African-American slaves. Injustice and cruelty were attacked –and defeated– by a courageous man with this weapon – a pen.

Because when Abraham Lincoln moved his pen across the Emancipation Proclamation, he moved African-Americans out of the desperate shadows of slavery… Abraham Lincoln had a pen. Lyndon Johnson had a pen. My friends, Barack Obama has a pen. President Obama’s pen can turn our hope into victory. We want Barack Obama to use his pen.

Luis Gutierrez’s remarks on immigration reform Ben Smith,  Politico.com March 21 2010

This sounds as if the enterprising scoundrels who almost ”Deemed” the Health Bill through are considering adopting the  Amnesty via Executive Order proposed early last year. With nine references toPen and only one to legislation, it looks as if Point Man Gutierrez may have been told to pave the way.

America’s Half-Blood Prince: Imperative reading on our new Tyrant.

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