Will FBI Mugshots Be Too Diverse?
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According to a recent news report, the FBI plans to use digital billboards to display pictures of some of the worst bad guys on the loose.

The FBI's most wanted bank robbers, violent criminals and terrorists will soon appear on 150 digital billboards in 20 cities nationwide.

The agency has teamed up with Phoenix-based Clear Channel Outdoor to begin airing mug shots following a successful test run in Philadelphia that led to several arrests. [...]

"We'll target very violent, dangerous fugitives," said Scott Wilson, spokesman for the Cleveland FBI office. [FBI Mug Shots to Hit Digital Billboards, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec 27, 2007]

I wonder how this program will fly with the ACLU and other defenders of open borders...

A perusal of the FBI's current listing of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives shows four criminals who are Hispanic, a statistic that can change at any time. The file of several dozen violent criminals is far more foreign and Hispanic.

Will the FBI be hit with accusations of racial profiling by the friends of criminal diversity for accurately showing the face of crime today? Time will tell.

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