Black Murderer Of White Actress Pleads Guilty—No Mention Of Race
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Adrian Duane Johnson, the black thug who beat and strangled white actress and yoga teacher Tricia McCauley in Washington, D.C., on Christmas Day has pled guilty.

McCauley was on her way to a Christmas Party when she inexplicably encountered Johnson and endured who knows what horrors.

Naturally the The Washington Post left race out of it, providing neither a description nor a photograph. Not that it makes any difference. If someone gets murdered in the District, you know with near metaphysical certainty that the murderer is black. The only whites who live in the city are federal bureaucrats, Capitol Hill staffers or media types, and they usually don’t spend their off hours beating and strangling white women. helpfully provides a picture of Johnson.

And, of course, the defense first claimed that rapist and murderer Johnson was mentally ill, and that he couldn’t have done it.

I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that McCauley was a typical liberal Goodwhite who thought she could go anywhere she wanted anytime of day and not worry about a thing, because fearing the feral blacks who stalk the city’s streets would be old-fashioned racist stereotyping.

The cops don’t know how or why she crossed the deadly path of Johnson, who, reported, was arrested six times in 2016 in the District alone.

This invites an observation: Had this black thug been in jail, a white yoga teacher would still be alive.

I feel sorry for women such as McCauley. Again, I’m guessing she was a liberal Goodwhite who didn’t think Bad Thoughts about you know who. Leftist ideology, constantly reinforced by the artsy crowd and its culture, likely disarmed her.

But even if she was aware of the threat black thugs such as Johnson pose, and did her best avoid them, leftists are responsible permitting them to run wild in our streets.

So mayhem and murder often find women such as McCauley no matter how hard they try to stay safe.


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