Why Wouldn't President Kushner Adopt Israel's Refugee Policy For America?
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H/T pic emergingequity.org

Over the past three weeks or so, access to The New Observer has been intermittent. At least once when briefly up, this invaluable site has darkly referred to sabotage by its enemies. That TNO has enemies is beyond doubt.

Their April 10 2017 post Israel Refuses To Take Refugees—Again will not have reduced their number. This links to an April 10, 2017 story from The Times Of Israel Israel can treat, but not absorb, Syrian casualties – minister

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said Monday that Israel is prepared to continue treating casualties from the war in Syria but will definitely not take in any refugees…

Steinitz was adamant that Syrians will only be treated by Israel and not given citizenship.

“There are enough countries in the world that can take in refugees as citizens,” he said…“From our point of view we are not a regular country."

[VDARE.com emphasis] As The New Observer acidly comments, this attitude makes an ugly contrast with the assistance Israeli organizations have been giving to the ‘refugee” immivasion of Europe and the pressure being exerted by American Zionist organizations to promote the alien influx into the U.S.

However it is completely consistent with the peremptory treatment dished out by Israel to refugee claimants who have actually managed to get into the country as I discussed in Israel Shows The Way On Illegal Immigrants/”Refugees”

Now that we are starting the second week of President Kushner’s Administration, the question is: Will he allow the policies protecting the country he apparently loves to also protect the country in which he happened merely to be born?

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