Why the Increasing Frequency of Scare Quotes Around "White" People?
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From the New York Times opinion section:

How Italians Became ‘White’
By Brent Staples
Mr. Staples is a member of the editorial board.
OCT. 12, 2019

In the future, white people will always be referred to as “white” people, while black people will be referred to as “Black bodies” with a capital B.

I first noticed this trend with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ hilarious bestseller in 2015, where blacks are “black bodies” and whites are “people who think that they are white.”

In other words, I guess, TNC wants to imply that blacks are authentically black, but whites all have a touch of the tar brush.

This just seems childish and moronic, but it appears a lot of people are getting into this kind of thinking now. After all, race is just a social construct, so we get to say whatever we feel, so we just spew random insults at whites, such as implying that they suck because they are part black. Which, logically, is self-defeating, but TNC didn’t get his Genius Grant for being logical, now did he?

In reality, 23andMe reported that their customers who self-identify as black are 385 times blacker genetically than their customers who self-identify as white.

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