The Kvetcher Considers Progress By Pesach: Dark Conclusions
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As I noted on Wednesday the latest blast of smug and conceited self-congratulation by the liberal and mainstream Jewish organizations pushing for Amnesty/Open Borders under the banner Progress for Pesach had rendered our new friend The Kvetcher temporarily speechless.

It was The Kvetcher who first alerted me to this Progress for Pesach atrocity.

Happily, The Kvetcher has not only recovered but has induced the editor of the webzine Jewlicious to let him run a second article questioning the wisdom of accelerating immigration (this makes, I am told, a total of two in the history of Jewlicious).

Perfidy by Pesach Feb 18 2009

is a powerful essay, partly because its author has a precise grasp of economic reality.

while much of the rest of the U.S. is wondering how they will pay their bills, our far-Left co-religionists have decided that this is a perfect time to demand that the U.S. cease and desist raids on law-breaking employers and employees who seek to skirt the labor laws our ancestors fought so hard to enact. The name of this Jewish coalition demanding (essentially) amnesty for illegals, and for giving a free reign to employers to avoid pesky details such as security checks, minimum wage, and benefits of any sort, is named ”Progress By Pesach
He comes right to the point:
Progress By Pesach has demanded that the U.S. offer illegal immigrants amnesty, otherwise known as a ”path to citizenship.”

Why, in the midst of today’s economic meltdown, is this in the American worker’s interest?

It also helps that he has an acute sense of the ridiculous:
Progress By Pesach and her allies offer a singular reason for insisting the U.S. (stop enforcing the Immigration laws).

The ICE must stop raids because the Jews were strangers in Egypt. That’s why. Okay? Therefore, the U.S. must stop raids at rogue employers and offer ”a path to citizenship” to those who have broken U.S. law. They have until Pesach to do so. Read it here, here, and here. Or here, here, and here. Or for a similar effect, turn on a beeping alarm clock, and listen to that for eight hours.

While noting that support for this initiative has spread beyond the Jewish institutional left, The Kvetcher has come to an important conclusion:
…what is really motivating the Jewish far-Left?

…The Jewish far-Left fancies Jews ”people of color,” and seeks to promote other peoples of color in solidarity…it is quite a hostile, even hateful, position towards the majority population. Quite frankly, these far-Leftists seem to hold quite a grudge towards our white Christian countrymen, and consider them and this country to be something akin to a Jim Crow society that they seek to dismantle. Dismantle through displacement.

As a writer noted at the beginning of Steve Steinlight’s valiant efforts, it is clear who constitutes the backbone of the opposition to immigration restraint. Apparently this has always been the case.

Consequently, the courage and honesty of The Kvetcher deserves applause. (But don’t waste his time. He has more than enough on his plate!)

My Wednesday article Fewer Jobs; More Immigrants; Progress by Pesach: Enjoy lists the email addresses of several of the Progress By Pesach leaders

Rabbi David Saperstein

Rabbi Steve Gutow

Melanie Nezer,

Jane Ramsey

Protest to them! (But be suitably polite!)

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