Why Does House Leadership Want Amnesty "Circular GOP Firing Squad" In 2014? Think $$$$
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But the Leadership got rich! (H/T One Old Vet)

Where else but in the offices of the redoubtable Jeff Sessions would a small band of heroic House Amnesty oppinents muster?

“Over here in the Senate working for Senator Sessions, we learned a lot last year about the strategies employed by the powerful forces pushing bad immigration policies—and how to counter them,” reads a copy of the invitation to the meeting…

House Conservatives Plot Takedown of GOP Leaders' Amnesty Plans by Matthew Boyle Breitbart.com 23 Jan 2014

A notable element in this account is the utter incredulity expressed that the House Leadership should want to open this poisonous issue in an election year:

…one House GOP aide said in an email to Breitbart News…that many on the right find the “political logic” of riling up the party's base so close to a low-turnout midterm election baffling.

“Do we really want to just give up the midterms like this?” the aide asked

At a recent Tea Party convention in South Carolina, conservative lawmakers expressed anger at Boehner's plan to push immigration reform after opponents seemed to stave off the effort last year.

“I don't know why in the world House Republicans would move on immigration legislation in 2014,” said Representative Jeff Duncan of South Carolina.

(VDARE.com emphasis)

The stupidity of this is widely understood. As James Fulford recently noted, none other than Bill Kristol has expressed the reality well:

If there’s one thing that could blow up GOP chances for a good 2014, it would be an explosive debate over immigration in the House. The only sure way to avoid such a debate is not to let anything onto the floor in the first place… Once even an innocuous-sounding measure gets passed, then the pressure to go to conference with the loathed Senate bill will be great. And whatever ultimately were to happen, activists would spend months worrying about and agitating against a betrayal by the leadership, business interests would spend months urging such a betrayal, and Republicans would be consumed by infighting and recriminations on an issue that does them no short-term political good. Bringing immigration to the floor insures a circular GOP firing squad…Since there really is no need to act this year on immigration, don’t. Don’t even try.

(VDARE.com emphasis) Memo to House GOP By William Kristol The Weekly Standard Feb 3, 2014

This from the man for than any other single person responsible for wrecking the last, best chance to prevent California becoming Mexifornia!

My trusty Talk Radio Listener friend reports that Larry Kudlow on his radio show today also said raising the immigration issue this year would be unwise – only to be shouted down by Open Borders Bigots Stephen Moore and Jennifer Rubin.

So why is this happening? I hypothesized the answer in Immigration And Administrative Amnesty: What Specter Is Haunting The GOP? and noted the clear proof at the time of the "Attack Syria" campaign last Fall.

I believe that the GOP leadership has been offered tens, perhaps scores, of millions of dollars via some conduit or another to destroy the American nation. They want to collect!. They care neither about the Republic nor the Republicans.

At last, conventional Immigration Restraint sources have started to say the same thing. This theme needs shouting from the rooftops.

GOP Amnesty support is tainted. So are their leaders.

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