Why Deporting Bieber Is Hard—Because He's Legal. Which Is Exactly What Amnesty Will Do For Millions Of Illegals.
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Justin Bieber's DUI was covered by Ryan Kennedy here on VDARE.com [Why Obama Won’t Deport Justin Bieber…And Why The Treason Lobby Is Worried] Here it is in Time Magazine

Why We Can’t Just Deport Bieber

Justin Bieber’s highly publicized arrest for DUI and other infractions has led some to compare the Canadian entertainer’s handling by U.S. law enforcement to that of undocumented immigrations.
In particular, the New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal has suggested that if Bieber were “poor, obscure and, say, Hispanic” he might be swiftly deported. [More]
I wish that that poor, obscure, and illegal Hispanics could be "swiftly deported" after a DUI, but they aren't. Bieber is a legal resident. He has O-1 visa, based on  "extraordinary ability in the arts"—which I say Bieber doesn't have, but of course if he can fill arenas, that's good enough for immigration purposes.(O-1 Visa holders tend to be better looking than pickup-driving construction workers from Chihuahua—see Canadian Playmate Shera Bechard May Be Hot, But...A GENIUS Visa?.) Shera Bechard
In  Juan Mann's Deport Foreign Drunk Drivers! – Amend The Immigration Act!  we reported that
The chaos of immigration litigation in the federal immigration bureaucracy has gotten so bad that even a criminal alien resident convicted of repeat felony drunk drivingwho was drunk behind the wheel and killed someone—can't be ordered to be deported and stay deported from the United States.
He was talking about the case of a man named Lara-Cazares, who was a legal resident, killed someone, and couldn't be deported because it wasn't a "crime of violence." That adds something to Miller's statement that "According to federal law, only violent crimes and sentences longer than 1 year result in a re-evaluation of visa status." So even if Bieber had been actually drunk, and had killed someone, he wouldn't have had to leave.
Bieber is a very rich young man, and he and the entertainment companies he works for have very good, very expensive lawyers. Do poor, obscure Hispanic drunk drivers have very good lawyers? They do, but to the extent that the lawyers are very expensive, they're paid by either the taxpayer or the Treason Lobby.
Miller went on:
By contrast, undocumented workers can be arrested and deported with minimal due process of the law.

Well, no, they can't, exactly. There's all those lawyers (ACLU, ILW, Pro Bono lawyers ) and a system called the EOIR where appeals go on and on, and where it's said that "It ain't over 'til the alien wins."

But the point they're all overlooking is that under immigration law, any  illegal alien can be deported for no reasons except that he's illegal. Bieber is legal.

What Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) going to do is make every illegal in America as hard to deport as Justin Bieber—even if they kill someone on the roads.

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