Why Obama Won’t Deport Justin Bieber…And Why The Treason Lobby Is Worried
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber being restrained from attacking paparazzi.

86 the O-1 or Fight! I used to think Justin Bieber's increasingly erratic behavior was some sort of Miley Cyrus-type publicity stunt to re-tool his image as he gets older and soon won't be able to rely on pre-adolescent girls to buy all his junk when he finally is able to grow facial hair.

But his antics are going well beyond shoving paparazzi and now include possible felonies. His latest charges include driving drunk and resisting arrest.

TMZ, a paparazzi outfit, reports him admitting to cops during the arrest that he was under influence of prescription drugs, for which he doesn’t have a prescription. This is important because combining alcohol and drugs amplifies alcohol’s effects on one’s nervous system and further impairs the ability to drive safely.

At this point you may be asking, "So what? Is VDARE.com jumping on the celebrity-obsessed Main Stream Media’s bandwagon?"

Well, this is where things get interesting. Bieber is a Canuck here on an O-1 visa. And U.S. law has provisions to tell the likes of The Bieb to "take off you hoser!" all the way back to the Great White North from whence he came.

But as we all know, the follow-through on this simple duty of the U.S. government to protect its citizens from problematic foreigners is practically non-existent, especially after Obama's extra-constitutional refusal to enforce immigration law.

If I had to speculate, assuming his breathalyzer test results aren't "lost", I’d guess that Bieber will be convicted and if any immigration action is taken against Biebs, it will be some pro forma "investigation" that will ultimately go nowhere. Bieber will continue on the clichéd downward spiral of a young celebrity insulated from the consequences (for now) of his fast living by his enormous fortune and fame.

This is because Obama doesn't want it to go anywhere. You see, as an immigration enthusiast, Obama really doesn't believe in enforcing essentially any immigration law, and he wants the immigration authorities overwhelmed to the point where any immigration enforcement is some kind of quixotic effort in futility.

To some degree, all law enforcement depends on making an example of people who are caught doing what the authorities’ don't want done. Think about it. The police can't be everywhere all the time. The idea must be put in people's head: "Maybe I shouldn't do that, look at what happened to that guy."

It's as old as time. Back before the enlightened practice of incarceration and its attendant expense, criminals were dealt with in a distinctly more efficient manner—public humiliation, banishment, dismemberment, execution.

For Christ's sake (literally) that's what crucifixion was all about.

The Romans dealt with defiance to their rule by inflicting painful lingering death for all to see. This discouraged intractable and expensive insurrection in their far-flung provinces. Hmmmmm..... which reminds me, I should get around to writing that suggestion letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But I digress.

Deporting El Biebererro would send the message loud and clear to immigrants: they are here at our pleasure and yes, the laws are being enforced—even on the rich and famous.

But this is exactly what Obama doesn't want. He posts people throughout the immigration enforcement bureaucracy committed to ignore their duty and even to thwart it. During the 2012 presidential race, an illegal alien even addressed the Democratic convention, calling for passage of the DREAM act to formalize Obama's extralegal implementation of a bill Congress has declined to enact.

There are other examples all across the fruited plain. The case of illegal alien journalist Jose Antonio Vargas writing several stories in nationally syndicated news outlets about his flouting of immigration law, demonstrations by illegals at various state capitols, young illegals turning themselves in to ICE offices practically begging to be arrested, the list goes on and on.

The only conclusion you can come to: there are specific instructions not to enforce the law—and negative consequences for those that do.

So I think Justin Bieber is safe. (Unless, of course, he excites the Obama Administration’s anti-white animus, like the German home-schooling Romeike family.)

This is all rather depressing. But I think there is a silver lining. For the brazen defiance of the law and the ferocity with which Amnesty is insisted on by its boosters in the Treason Lobby betrays a fear that there still exists a possibility that the U.S. government could one day decide it wants to enforce its own law!

Be still my beating heart!

The U.S. government could swiftly deport illegal aliens picked up by local police for any violation of any law. It could actively seek out illegals marching in front of TV cameras demanding their "rights"—a policy VDARE.com calls “Strategic Deportation.”

And it could even deport criminally insolent and petulant young men visiting our country on condition of good-behavior.

I know it's a little past Martin Luther King day.

But I too have a dream!

Ryan Kennedy (email him) has written us many letters. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

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