Why Charles Murray Is Focusing On "The State of White America"
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I remember doing this Quote Of The Day blog post from cell phone internet on a train to Washington in 2007. (There was supposed to be wi-fi. They told me there would be wi-fi.) That's why it's so short:

Quote Of The Day: Ann Coulter On The Bell Curve

By James Fulford on October 1, 2007 at 12:12pm

From Godless, Chapter 7

The book—all but one chapter—dealt exclusively with the influence of IQ on white people's lives..

This is true. It's about sorting, and elitism, and what IQ is about. The subtitle of The Bell Curve is "Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life." The one chapter about race is necessary to explain the racial inequality of results in things like income and imprisonment rates.

By focusing on "White America",  Murray is hoping to explain why smart people do better than dumb people without being called a racist. Good luck!

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