Ron Paul Says We're Scapegoating Immigrants—And That's Not The Worst Part!
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I was saddened but unsurprised by this Ron Paul story:

Paul: Immigration not solved by barbed wire, guns

By Beth Fouhy

Associated Press / February 1, 2012

LAS VEGAS—Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul outlined his views on immigration Wednesday, saying he favors a compassionate policy that doesn't rely on "barbed-wire fences and guns on our border."

Of course, it's true that immigration is not solved by barbed wire, and guns, only illegal immigration—where barbed wire and guns work very well, thank you. Legal immigration will have to be dealt with by Congress, but not with a "compassionate policy", that never works.

However, I was a little startled by this horrifying  speech, which suggests that the controversy about Ron Paul's newsletters has caused him to embrace Big Brother:

Paul blasted politicians who blame immigrants for causing the country's economic problems. He compared the situation to Nazi Germany's targeting of Jews in the 1930s.

"When things go badly, individuals look for scapegoats," Paul said. "Hispanics, the immigrants who have come in, are being used as scapegoats." [More]

I presume this comparison means he's comparing those of his opponents who want to enforce the immigration law to Nazis.

As for being "scapegoats," by definition, you can't be a scapegoat if you're guilty. Illegals are guilty.

And as for his Nazi Germany comparison, it's just crazy.

Kathy Shaidle keeps reminding people that Muslims (whom Ron Paul also wants to protect from Michele Bachmann) "aren't the new Jews. They're the new Nazis." This also applies, in this context, to the Mexican illlegals crossing the southern border.

They're invading someone else's country! You know, like Hitler did.

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