Newt Gingrich Finally Finds a Group of Illegal Aliens he Could (Possibly) Deport
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In my article about Gingrich and Romney groveling to Jorge Ramos during their public interviews on January 25th, I pointed out that Newt didn't really make it clear what illegal aliens he actually would deport. After all, under the Gingrich Doctrine, grandparents are exempt from deportation, people who have been here 20 years or more are exempt, illegals who join the military are exempt and illegal students wouldn't be deported.  When pressed further by Jorge Ramos about the others, Gingrich said a new custom-made law could be written to allow them to stay as guest workers. So who would actually be deported?

The following night, January 26th, Gingrich and the other 3 candidates participated in a debate at the University of North Florida, sponsored by CNN, CNN en español, the Hispanic Leadership Network and the Republican Party of Florida, hosted by Wolf Blitzer. (The transcript is here).

In that debate, Newt actually mentioned a group of illegal aliens that he would deport:

“You should also make deportation easier so when you deport people who shouldn't be here. The 13 gang members, for example. “

By "13 gang members", Newt is probably referring to the vicious MS-13 gang, formed in the 1980s in Los Angeles by Salvadorans. So at least Gingrich may be drawing the line at MS-13 illegal aliens.

Then again, what about gang members who join the military, as some do? Would they claim the Gingrich Exemption? Or what about gang members who survive to reach the 20-year mark, or who are grandfathers?

Under the Gingrich Amnesty Policy, would they be exempt from deportation also?


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