Why Can't White Men Defend Their Women From Black Men? Is It Fear Of Hate Crime Prosecution?
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Apropos of Steve Sailer’s recounting of New York’s Hug Thug, a black man who offered "free hugs" to women in Times Square and sometimes punched them if they didn't tip him, I have  a question: Why hasn’t the man or men in some woman’s family stopped this violent pervert?

The woman he assaulted with a can of water and iced coffee claimed she has a boyfriend. Even if that isn’t true, where were her father or brothers or male friends? Why hasn’t a sinA white woman with a black eye.gle man of this woman’s acquaintance put this dangerous weirdo in the hospital? Why hasn’t a man or men on the scene intervened? Jermaine Himmelstein has been arrested 12 times since 2012 for similar crimes.  ['Free hug guy' accused in other attacks across New York City, abc7ny.com, May 13, 2016]

I’ve been asking the same question for years about O.J. Simpson. Why didn’t one of the men in Nicole Brown’s life stop him the very first time he beat her to a pulp? No one stopped him, and she wound up dead.

The answer to my question is this: Feminists and “anti-racists” have emasculated the American white man. He fears defending his women in general, and he fears defending them against black predators in particular — I suspect that most of the Hug Thug’s victims are white — partly because he fears being called a “racist.” That would be much worse than being called a coward.

This may have been what paralyzed the three white men who did not fight the black Carr brothers when they perpetrated the Wichita Massacre. [See The Real 'Wichita Horror': Media-Induced Passivity, by Sam Francis.] Maybe they were just scared, but one can’t help but think that those three Good Whites, and the two Good White women, believed that fighting the Carrs would have been racist. To prove one isn’t a racist, he must lay down his life.

The Hug Thug can be stopped. Question is, who’s going to do it?


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