Why Are the Koch Brothers on the Warpath Against Law and Order?
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The Koch billionaires are part of the establishment onslaught against imprisonment. Why?

Apparently, it’s part of a proposed deal (currently stalled) to go easy on Republican white-collar criminals in return for going easy on Democratic no-collar criminals. From Breitbart:

GOP 2016 Platform Approves Jailbreak Law in Exchange for Regulatory Rollback

by KATIE MCHUGH 20 July, 2016

The 2016 GOP platform tries to revive a stalled political deal that would allow Democrats to release thousands of criminals if Republicans also get new rules that restrict the prosecution of white-collar executives for violating federal business regulations.

The trade is hidden under under the euphemistic category of “criminal justice reform.” Democrats want more leniency for their blue-collar criminals, while Republicans want more courtroom defenses for white-collar executives charged with violating the proliferating variety of federal regulations. …

The proposed exchange is outline in a section of the platform which calls for reductions in penalties for criminals that mostly hurt blue-collar communities and minority communities, such as gang-bangers and drug-sellers who are convicted for apparently non-violent crimes. …

To get a guilty verdict, prosecutors would be required to prove that company executives actually intended to break the law under the new reforms. Currently, prosecutors merely have to show that the executives broke a law, no matter how obscure or complex.

I can see the Koch Brothers’ point about complex regulations being a potential trap. On the other hand, the Obama Administration hasn’t been all that vindictive toward rich guys.

For example, when his friends say Countrywide’s Angelo Mozilo is in jail at a country club prison and will have to spend time in the big house, they mean he drove his golf ball into the trees on the 18th and will hit the spa in the giant clubhouse to recuperate from his double bogey.

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