Obama Regime Colluding With Chinese-American Kritarch Dolly Gee
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The Obama Regime has surrendered in the case of Kritarch Dolly Gee, a Cultural Marxist waging war on the historic American nation.  Gee was exposed by this author in three postings, two on the issue of illegal orders to release illegal aliens from custody and another on her illegal order to provide free lawyers for illegal aliens.

In a kabuki theater scheme, the Regime and Gee worked against well established immigration law in both cases, as Federal statutes specifically prohibit government paid for attorneys for illegal aliens and specifically authorize the detention of any illegal alien, without regard to age.  In each case the Obama Regime either offered token resistance to Gee's illegal orders or no resistance at all.  In the case of detaining illegals, the Regime offered token resistance, but failed to appeal the case beyond a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Regime did not even ask for a en banc review.

Immigration authorities are looking at possible changes to family detention practices following a federal appeals court ruling clarifying the government's options, according to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Last month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a key part of the Obama administration's interpretation of a long-standing settlement regarding immigration detention for minors.

The Justice Department argued that the nearly-two-decade-old deal requiring quick release of children in most circumstances only applied to children traveling across the border alone and had no impact on those crossing illegally with relatives, usually their mothers.

However, the appeals court found the 1997 settlement in Flores v. Reno does apply to accompanied minors, forcing immigration officials to find a way to get such children out of immigration detention quickly.

[Johnson: Feds Looking At Family Immigration Detention Changes, by Josh Gerstein, Politico, August 8, 2016]

In fact, the Obama Regime is looking to end all detention of illegal aliens, expanding on their own the ruling against detention.
"On an operational level....we're looking now at what impact that has," Johnson told reporters Wednesday at a breakfast discussion organized by the Christian Science Monitor. "We are looking at whether to change the practice in any way in light of the 9th Circuit ruling."
More over, the Obama Regime gave a half-hearted defense of their "Club Feds" for illegal aliens, but ignored the fact that the law authorizes detaining illegal alien minors, and made no arguement based on the relevant Act of Congress, something that trumps, as one can say, any settlement or the opinion of a judge.
Johnson defended his agency's creation of "family residential centers" for family border crossers, saying the facilities are necessary to handle increased numbers of families illegally crossing the U.S. border from Mexico since 2014.
The Obama Regime was playing a game in court, a game against the historic American nation in their effort to elect a new people.  The good news is that President Trump can reverse the situation by immediately deporting these illegal aliens by declaring Mexico a safe third party country with regards to asylum claims and using Expedited Removal to deport these Central American illegal aliens back to Mexico from whence they came.


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