Who Destroyed Detroit? National Review's Kevin Williamson Won't Say - But He Knows
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I see Paul Kersey this evening accurately describes Kevin Williamson’s National Review essay Detroit: The Moral of the Story as

Conservatism Inc’s intellectually bankrupt but career-preserving Politically Correct response
to the Detroit Disaster. This is the Kevin Williamson whose immigration status so intrigued Federale and James Fulford and who appears to have been imported to National Review for his no doubt superior skills at verbal card sharping. Peter Brimelow has previously objected that Williamson's discussion of poverty in the Black community totally avoided the impact of immigration; now he has managed to discuss the collapse of Detroit without mentioning the impact of Blacks.

This is tantamount to blaming water damage to the walls to holes in the roof but never mentioning rain plays a role.

Carefully reading the essay however reveals that he is perfectly aware what Detroit’s Blacks have done. Towards the end we learn

The city fathers of Detroit inherited one of the richest and most productive cities in the world, and they ruined it in a generation.
Detroit of course has had “city fathers” as long as it has been a city – some of them quite capable. Williamson is surreptitiously admitting that it was the Black takeover in 1974 which did the damage. Typical New Age National Review. For superior insight and for honesty, read Paul Kersey’s Escape from Detroit
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