Romney Staggering Again—White Share Stalled At 53%-56% (Except For Gallup)
October 19, 2012, 08:48 PM
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Mitt Romney seems to be staggering again in today`s polls. The RealClear Politics Average, which showed him ahead by one point yesterday, now (Oct. 19) puts Obama infinitesimally ahead, 47.1-47.0. Gallup remains the outlier, still showing a strong Romney lead and a respectable white share—61% on Oct. 16. This compares to the Congressional GOP`s 60% in 2010. More white share comparisons here—scroll down.

  • The most recent Gallup (Oct. 19) shows Romney`s lead down a point, at 51-45. Following its erratic practice, Gallup did not reveal racial breakdowns today.
  • IBD/TIPP (Oct. 19) shows Romney trailing Obama by slightly more than yesterday, 44.8-46.5. Romney`s white share is stuck where it was yesterday: 54%.
  • The Hartford Courant/ UConn poll, which was released today although concluded on October 16, shows Romney down 45-48. Typical of MSM preoccupations, although this poll gives minute details about gender, religious observance, education etc., it does not publish its racial breakdowns.
  • Rasmussen Reports now (Oct. 19) shows Romney back down to a tie with Obama, 48-48.

Rasmussen`s Premium Platinum subscribers learn that Romney`s white share is still stuck at 56%.

In state polls released today, Rasmussen again makes Romney`s failure to motivate northern whites all too clear. In Wisconsin, Romney trails 48-50. Platinum subscribers learn that Romney gets a mere 51% white share in the state.

By contrast, Romney leads in Missouri 54-43. Rasmussen`s Platinum subscribers learn that Romney`s white share in the state is 63%.

Another example: following its amiable habit, the Drudge Report yesterday featured a startling Oct. 18 Susquehanna Polling & Research report that showed Romney ahead of Obama in Pennsylvania 49-45. Incredibly, Susquehanna did not release its racial breakdown. However, an October 10 report by Rasmussen, which found Romney trailing 46-51, told Platinum subscribers that Romney`s white share in Pennsylvania was only 53%.