White Liberals On Secession: "Don't Leave Us Alone With African-Americans!"
November 20, 2018, 12:58 PM
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Why the disparity between white leftists and non-whites on the question of political dissolution? White liberals—especially Jews—are strongly opposed while the POC ascendancy is relatively supportive. White conservatives fall in between the beleaguered and the ascendant ends of the leftist demographic spectrum:

This bugman does not want secession (via krusty):

Even without having looked at it in detail, it's hard to believe he's unaware that Hispanics in the Southwest are supportive of breaking away from the US than any other group is. He lives in California, after all.

Physiognomy is real

He's desperate to paint political dissolution as an exclusively far-white desire—even though that's both empirically and historically ignorant--to maximize the number of people who dismiss the idea out of hand. He's desperate because he realizes at some level, as do many other white male Democrats, that the POC ascendancy has no intention of treating them as equals. Come the revolution, they get the rope.

In contemporary America, non-deviant heterosexual white men are public enemy number one. If red state America secedes, the Joe Crowleys and Michael Capuanos of new blue state America become objects of hate.

Does low-T Atkins look like he'd fare well in a world without spellskiting badwhites absorbing all the abuse that would otherwise hit him? Rhetorical.

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