White House Taco Time
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Those with strong stomachs should read El Presidente Boosh's special remarks about Cinco de Mayo at the White House. It's one thing to honor your guests, but he goes far beyond being a warm host.

Before I introduce our entertainer, I do want to share some thoughts with you about the importance of Cinco de Mayo, for it commemorates a joyful moment in Mexican history. Americans must understand that it was a time when Mexican soldiers won the Battle of Puebla, and defended their independence. So, obviously, Cinco de Mayo is a day of special pride for citizens of Mexico, but it is, as well, for Americans. It is a reminder of a proud heritage we share with our neighbor to the south. That's how I view the day.

Interesting that the President thinks we Americans should celebrate the Mexicans' nondecisive Battle of Puebla (which did not prevent the French acquisition of Mexico), presumably beyond chomping down a taco or two.

Someone should tell him that most of us citizens see Mexico realistically, as a hostile parasite and not a friendly neighbor. We certainly don't wish to take on the objectionable culture of the invader, which is sexist, violent, corrupt and uneducated.

But to Bush, Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to grease the skids for the future shotgun marriage between the nations, aka the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

Like many in Washington, the President is quietly working to dismantle American sovereignty and create a North American political union, much favored by the elite global business community.

Did we vote for this or even see some open debate? Of course not. The scheme is treason in a business suit.

Not only is GW Bush a terrible President, he's not much of an American.

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