White Hands In The HILL's Anti-Gun Propaganda—Why?
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Heather Boulware wants to know why "gun owners" in this bogus study touted by The Hill includes both legal and illegal gun owners. Another reader on Twitter wants to know why they're taking a Violence Policy Center study seriously, failing to disclose "that The Violence Policy Center is a gun control propaganda organization."

This is true—the VPC is the SPLC of gun control, and studies like this count only the number of justifiable homicides by gun owners—most self defense uses of guns don't involve shooting. A gun can save your life just by being present, as long as the bad guy knows it's present.

Most police officers never commit justifiable homicide, but frequently save themselves by drawing and pointing a gun, as happened when Cpl. Eric Casebolt was menaced by two hulking black "teens" in McKinney, Texas.



It's true that Casebolt has come under attack by Social Justice Warriors and the Minority Occupation Government, but he wasn't beaten to death by a mob, and his self-defense wouldn't count on these bogus studies.

But since this is VDARE.com, I'll ask a different question: why are the hands on the gun white?


Blacks lead the nation both in murders and in justifiable homicides, a  fact noted by Jared Taylor in his 1993 book Paved With Good Intentions,

Nationwide, blacks account for 58 percent of all arrests for weapons violations, 64 percent of all arrests for violent crimes, and 71 percent of all robbery arrests. It is less well known that blacks are responsible for 73 percent of justified, self- defense killings by civilians, and the overwhelming majority of the people they kill are other blacks.

So if  The Hill is tweeting in favor of gun control, and sneering at the use of guns for self-defense, the image should look like this:


Why doesn't it?


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