Rachel Dolezal Is Not A Cherokee Princess, Either
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There's such a wealth of hilarity in the Rachel Dolezal episode that it's hard to know where to begin, but this is a fun nugget:  apparently, even her white parents wanted to offer that Dolezal had a dash of Native American heritage.

But a genealogist hired by the Daily Mail, who ruled out any African heritage, also nixed Indian:

Miss Banas added that she did not find any trace of Native American blood in Rachel’s family but she did not rule it out.

One possibility was that before the Civil War some of the Bunts lived near Native Americans and that an aunt or a cousin may have married one of them.

Rachel Dolezal's roots reveals she has no black relatives dating back to 1671 , By Daniel Gates, Daily Mail Online, June 17, 2015

Yeah... or not.

I've heard this all my life:  every other white kid I grew up with wanted to tell you about the Navajo princess he had for a great-grandmother, or the Cherokee warrior chief he had for a great-great grandfather.

It was just enough for excitement and romance, but never enough to make you ask why they looked so white.

My guess:  most of the claims to a "trace" of Native American ancestry are complete fabrications, clung to by American whites who've swallowed the propaganda that they are a worthless, oppressive and uninteresting bunch, and that the only righteous identity is non-white.

You know... like Rachel Dolezal.

I also liked this quip from the Daily Mail's genealogist:

Miss Banas said: ‘I didn’t find anything to be ashamed of. If I met her I would say: ‘What’s wrong with being white?’

Hmmm... nothing a little bit of solidarity wouldn't fix.

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