While You're Waiting...
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...for me to write a long screed about media bias, or for Brenda Walker to highlight the latest atrocity by people who are doing what "Americans won't do" (because it's illegal, dammit!) check these out:

  • Steve Sailer explains why commenters at Tyler Cowen's site know more about the economics of immigration than he does: because he doesn't want to know.
  • Pat Buchanan compares Mike Pence to Salvatore Tessio, in The Godfather

    In "The Godfather," Don Corleone warns his son Michael that, after he dies, someone inside the family will come to Michael with an offer of peace from the Barzinis, who murdered Michael's brother. Whoever brings you the offer, Don Corleone warns his son, will have betrayed you. Tessio, lifetime friend and high-ranking captain of the Corleones, comes to Michael with Barzini's offer. A mistake.

    Rep. Mike Pence appears to have accepted the Tessio role in the great immigration battle of 2006.

  • And finally, this:Illegal Immigration a Problem for Democrats Too ,By Froma Harrop.

    Rahm Emanuel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, played down the import of Busby's loss for the Democrats' hopes in November. Waving off the immigration issue, he said, "Not every district is going to be on the border of Mexico."

    I have news for him. Not every district is on the border with Mexico, but just about every district feels like it is.

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