Where Is The Middle Class?
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Suddenly everyone's linking to this histogram.

 I did yesterday (ante-ante-ante-ante-penultimate paragraph here).  I got to it from TechCrunch, via Parapundit.  I just noticed that Steve Hsu also posted it on Tuesday.

There are a great many things to be said about the histogram ? starting with the observation that it's not a true histogram, as the bar width jumps from $5K to $50K over at the right.  (Pardonable, in my opinion, given the constraints of visual data display.)  That and many other points are chewed over in the comment threads.

It sure is striking.  I wouldn't be much surprised to see some enterprising politician put it up on an easel Ross Perot-style . . . TSZZZ . . . POP! . . . CRACKLE! . . .ZZZST!! . . . Wait . . . a politician talking about data? Does not compute . . . CRACKLE! . . . BANG!! . . . System down . . . 

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