What Would MLK Day Be Without A Black On Black Mass Shooting? Eight Black People Shot (By Black Shooter) At MLK Car Show
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What would Martin Luther King Day be without a black mass shooting at an MLK event, where once again we are provided ample evidence Black Lives Don’t Matter—to other blacks?

Mass shooting at MLK Jr. Day event in Fort Pierce, WPBF.com, January 16, 2023

FORT PIERCE, Fla. —St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that eight people were shot during an MLK Jr. Day event in Fort Pierce Monday. One of the people who was shot is in critical condition.

All of the shooting victims are adults.

The shooting happened at Ilous Ellis Park at 5:20 p.m. during the MLK Car Show and Family Fun Day. Deputies say more than 1,000 people were at the event.

Four others were injured during the chaos after shots were fired, including a child, according to officials. They are all expected to survive.

WPBF 25 News obtained video from the scene, which shows a large crowd enjoying the event when gunshots ring out.

Systemic racism? Redlining? Implicit bias? The “Tulsa Massacre”? The legacy of slavery?

No, just another reminder of the actual contributions of black Americans to the United States, where we sacrificed our history and future to the belief one man’s dream should define the entire nation’s fortunes.

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