The Practice Of Kanly
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Sandworm Heading For The NAFTA Superhighway[ note: See earlier  The Forms Of Kanly Shall Be Observed.This Kanly stuff is a metaphor, (from Frank Herbert's Dune)and for the humorless SPLC types, no more involves actual fighting thatn it does giant sandworms. Of course, if there were 400 meter sandworms in the Sonoran Desert, we'd see a lot more enthusiasm for a fence.]

Kevin Williamson doth protest too much. He claims repeatedly that he is really, really, against illegal immigration. But the real Kevin Williamson has shown itself again:


NRO October 7, 2011

Texas, Jobs and Immigrants

Did immigrants really fill 81 percent of the new jobs in Texas over recent years? The Texas Public Policy Foundation has doubts, and their arguments are mostly persuasive. I do not expect this to put a damper on Mitt Romney’s gap-toothed Pat Buchanan act (“Help! The Mexicans are taking over the women’s studies department at the University of Texas! Somebody call Black Jack Pershing!”) but that’s politics, I suppose.


Of course jobs in Texas is not the real issue here. It is the rubes and gap-toothed yokels who dare oppose their betters on the immigration issue. The real issue of immigration is reduced to the allegation that Mitt Romney is better than the rest of the nation that is concerned about illegal immigration. Yet worse is that the immigration issue is reduced to a babbling attempt at humor concerning Mexicans taking over the UT Women's Studies Department. Certainly a strange analogy for someone who claims he is really and truly a proponent of deporting illegals and building a fence, even if it is where rattlesnakes go to die.

But worst of all, John "Black Jack" Pershing, the American commander in World War One and the commander of the punitive expedition launched against Pancho Villa for the murderous raid on Columbus, NM where 18 Americans were brutally murdered by a villain, cutthroat, terrorist and war criminal, is ridiculed. Apparently punishing Mexican terrorists and war criminals is so outrageous, like opposing illegal Mexican immigration, it is to be subjected to the self-styled biting sardonic humor of the radical left. Great generals and heroes are nothing more that bits for a hack who's agenda is the ending immigration enforcement.

While Williamson ridicules concerns about the take-over of America by Mexicans, he should only look at California where the rotten boroughs filled with illegal aliens send the most radical leftists imaginable to the State legislature. That ain't the Women's Studies Department, it is a State run by anti-white racists who's allegiance is to a foreign power.

But the illegal alien invasion is only a sick joke to Williamson. The real damage of terrorists is a joke to him. The real damage of crazed radicals is of no consequence to him. The visceral hatred of these immigrants is of no concern.

You thought the haughty John Francois Kerry, who served in Viet Nam, and the condescending Barack Hussein Obama had nothing but scorn for the American people. They don't have anything compared to Kevin Williamson who brooks no opposition from the rubes who dare challenge him.

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