Wednesday's One Old Vet Amnesty Story Collection: 45. Drudge 0. And Where's Limbaugh?
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H/T One Old Vet

The amazingly industrious One Old Vet’s Amnesty News compendium today totals no less than 45 stories, bulked up by yesterday’s House hearings. Quite a few other important items are posted separately including January Jobs: Immigrants Displace Natives at a Record Clip—and That’s Even Before Amnesty! which links to Ed Rubenstein’s latest piece (Thanks, OOV).

Probably the most polemically useful story of those consolidated is another by the inestimable Neil Munro at The Daily Caller Progressives, union members are sharply split on immigration, poll shows

Approximately 90 percent of union members said the reduction of illegal immigration was important to them, while only 9 percent thought it was not important.

Unions members also split 51 percent to 47 percent against an amnesty for illegal immigrants, the poll showed

Munro adds that while Union leaders are supporting amnesty they are balking at the Slave Power's attempt to accelerate immigration massively as well.

Even the House hearings did not motivate the Drudge Report to carry a single story. It is clear what has happened. The Treason Lobby wants the peasants undisturbed.

I am also getting worried about Rush Limbaugh again. After a stinging denunciation of the Schumer/Rubio fiasco on Friday no significant amnesty discussion has aired.

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