WASHINGTON POST Says "White Nationalists" Angered By Steinle Acquittal? Who ISN'T Angered?
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Kristine PhillipsKristine Phillips, the minority female Washington Post reporter (right) who wrote the story Calls for ‘Kate’s Wall’ emerge after Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing , apparently originally titled it "White nationalists angered by Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Kate Steinle’s killing." with a subhead "“You’re not here because somebody who wasn’t supposed to be was,” wrote one white nationalist."

The URL still says that, and  still has that title in Facebook.


It also says that on Twitter:


There's no acknowledgement of the change, just "Updated 11:18 AM" today.

My question for Ms. Phillips [Email her] would be "Who isn't angry at this?" Another obvious question—why the change? Is possible it was made by a Washington Post employee with normal human feelings?

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