War on White Women: Threatening "Beckys" With Jail For Calling The Police
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From CNN:

It may soon be a crime in Grand Rapids to call the police on people of color for ‘participating in their lives’

By Madeline Holcombe, CNN

Thu April 25, 2019

(CNN)In Grand Rapids, Michigan, it may soon no longer be just unfair to call the police on people of color who have done nothing wrong. It may be downright illegal. …

The City Commission held a public hearing Tuesday on a proposed human rights ordinance that would make it a criminal misdemeanor to “racially profile people of color for participating in their lives,” the city said in a statement.

Last summer, a woman in Rialto, California called the police on three suspicious black people, who were really young women checking out of their Airbnb.

The Becky Bashing of the last year is of course related to the eternal issue of the inevitable tradeoff between false alarm Type I and false negative Type II errors, although nobody else seems to have pointed that out.

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