Wall Street Journal reports negatively on Immigrants!!! Why?
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Almost a month after Brenda Walker noted the issue of Somali communities in America exporting recruits to Islamic war bands, The Wall Street Journal has woken up and run a story about it: FBI Probes Terrorism Links in U.S. Somali Enclaves Evan Perez December 20, 2008

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is following the trail of more than a dozen young men missing from Somali communities in several U.S. cities, including Minneapolis, Boston and Columbus, Ohio, according to people familiar with the probe…

Families of three teenagers earlier this month went public in Minneapolis, home to the largest Somali enclave in the U.S., saying their teenagers had disappeared in recent months and then turned up in Somalia… One of them is believed to have…(commited) the first suicide bombing carried out by an American, according to U.S. law-enforcement officials….

E.K. Wilson, an FBI special agent in the bureau's Minneapolis office, said …the FBI is aware that "a number of young Somali men from throughout the United States have left, potentially to fight with terrorist groups.”

The Somalis, as I remarked earlier this year, are shaping up as the most dysfunctional human import since the Hmong. Worse, in fact, because of their arrogant insistence that America adapt to them. The VDARE.com archive on them is packed with horror stories.

So what motivated the WSJ to publish an extremely unusual negative story on an Immigrant group? Not the views or safety of native born Americans, of course . In classic Neoconservative style, when America’s ability to influence the Middle East is threatened, all other priorities are subordinated. With American encouragement

two years ago…troops from neighboring Ethiopia…ousted an Islamist government that U.S. officials say was allied with al Qaeda. Ethiopia has said it plans to withdraw, which would likely make way for the loose coalition of Islamist insurgents threatening to retake the central government's seat in Mogadishu.

Sadly, the WSJ’s fatuous open borders mania lives on. They are not about to ask Stephen Steinlight’s highly cogent question: Is the immigration of fanatical Muslims wise? Much of the article is spent grasping for consolation because some Somalis show slight signs of co operating with the authorities.

Ask Evan Perez why America needs Somalis?

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