Scott Brown's Racist...Truck
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Scott Brown drives a pickup truck. He put it in his ads. Keith Olbermann thinks the "pickup truck" is a coded racial attack on the President.

Actually, said truck was the subject of a not very coded, just as racial, attack by the President. As Michelle Malkin wrote

"While a self-satisfied and entitled Coakley vacationed or partied with D.C. lobbyists, Brown drove around in his GM truck, shaking hands in the cold outside Fenway Park — earning the scorn of Coakley and Obama, who mocked Brown’s truck six times at the Boston rally this weekend to the delight of blue-nosed Democrats."

Perhaps Obama and Olbermann were remembering, Howard Dean, who said he wanted to be "the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks," causing Al Sharpton to launch an attack on him.

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