Victory in Oklahoma!
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Writing that headline is a very strange experience!

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry emerged from under his desk on Tuesday, smelt the political coffee, and signed HB 1804, the state’s illegal immigration interdiction measure:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Gov. Brad Henry signed a sweeping immigration reform bill Tuesday, describing it as a stopgap measure to deal with an illegal immigration problem that is actually the responsibility of the federal government.

The legislation, described as the nation's most meaningful attempt to deny jobs and public benefits to illegal immigrants, passed the House and Senate by overwhelming margins…

The measure's author, Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, credited public outcry at the federal government's inability to address illegal immigration for his measure's success. I'm glad the governor received the message," Terrill said. "It puts Oklahoma effectively at the forefront in the state-level immigration reform movement."

(Governor signs sweeping immigration reform bill By TIM TALLEY Associated Press Writer May 8, 2007)

It puts Oklahoma effectively at the forefront in the state-level immigration reform movement.

is absolutely correct, as Rep Randy Terrill says. (Congratulate him.) Every state legislator in the country needs now to explain why a similar measure is not under way in his State. It can be done!

Unquestionably this is why the successful progress of the legislation was greeted with such deafening silence by the national MSM (with the honorable exception of the Drudge Report). Can’t give the Peasants dangerous ideas!

Seeing if this important story gets any national attention is going to be a revealing test of MSM professional integrity.

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