Hispanic Leader "Actually Covered His Ears" Saying "I Will Not Listen To These Words." (Psst! Illegal Aliens)
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Quote of the week:

A few years back, one self-anointed "Hispanic leader" attending an editorial board meeting here at the newspaper actually covered his ears and told us, "I will not listen to these words," when I kept referring to illegal aliens as illegal aliens.

The goal, of course, is to brand us as boorish, insensitive, tone-deaf racists if we use anything but this month's preferred euphemism. If I'm up-to-date, that would now be "undocumented guest worker" — a phrase meant to imply these millions of law-breaking trespassers have merely neglected to stop by the nearest federal Guest Worker Services bureau to pick up their "instant citizenship" and voter registration cards, available merely by paying a bribe of some tens of thousands of dollars, which our socialist politicians euphemistically call a "fine.[VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: Are you PC? If so, stop reading here,Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 5, 2007]

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