Drudge Report breaks ranks on Oklahoma
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Oklahoma’s Governor Henry, faced with signing or vetoing HB1804, the state’s sweeping illegal immigration interdiction measure, is apparently still hiding under his desk: Governor Henry Still Undecided On Immigration Reform Bill KOTV May 3 2007. (Treason Lobby connoisseurs will note this ”story” is essentially a rallying cry to oppose signing.)

Meanwhile precisely one National media venue has picked up on the Oklahoma situation: the Drudge Report, which linked to an AP story otherwise only carried in Oklahoma outlets: House sends sweeping immigration reform bill to governor’s desk By Tim Talley

(NB the passion and immensity of the thread of comments - heartening to any immigration reform patriot.)

The Drudge Report came to fame because it had the courage and integrity to report Clinton-era stories the MSM absolutely wanted repressed. The country still needs the Drudge Report.


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