VDARE Radio Up: The “Looking To Other Nations” Immigration Act
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The latest VDARE Radio is up—go here to read or listen, here to download the MP3.


We can’t endorse specific legislation or candidates here at the VDARE Foundation. But as a thought experiment, what would it look like if America, being a nation founded on diversity, and tolerance, and multiculturalism, looked to other nations for guidance on immigration laws? Here’s a few ideas.

For starters, let’s look at our neighbor to the south, Mexico. We could start by adopting Mexico’s Voter ID system. As our own Allan Wall documents, a Mexican must prove his citizenship and address and is given an extremely difficult to counterfeit Voter ID. At every polling station, a book contains information about each voter in the district, along with a photograph. Officials check these records against each other before allowing people to vote.

This seems like the kind of system Americans could adopt. Why would anyone be against it? What are they, racist? [ More]

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