VDARE Radio Up: PC As Plutocratic Control
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The VDARE Radio podcast is up—go here to listen, here to download the MP3. Sample:
If mainstream media reporters were anything other than activists or de facto campaign workers for Hillary Clinton, the deep divisions within the Democratic Party would have been the main story coming out of the DNC. The Democrats couldn’t get through the invocation without booing and chants for Bernie Sanders. A tribute to law enforcement was also booed. And a whole group of delegates simply left the conference rather than watch Hillary Clinton speak, leading to unconfirmed reports the DNC was forced to recruit people on Craigslist to fill the arena.

Even on the last day, there were delegates waving signs saying “No TPP,” in reference to the job killing Trans-Pacific Partnership. Barack Obama (along with his good friend Paul Ryan) has been a vocal proponent of TPP, as was Hillary Clinton in the past. Now of course, she claims she is against it, but no one really believes that. Even her crony Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, is telling people she will support it once she is safely in power. [More]

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