VDARE.com attacked for moderation!
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VDARE.com is, of course, taboo in the MSM and even, with rare exceptions, in the Big Foot Blogosphere - although there is a gratifying willingness to appropriate our arguments (without acknowledgement) when convenient.

This stems from the allegation of extremism promoted by the thuggery of the SPLC (amongst others, we suspect).

So we have to note coming under attack for centrism even if the argument were not worthy of attention (which it is).

The Countenance Blog (recently spun out of the St Louis Council of Conservative Citizens website) feels Tom Tancredo was mistaken in speaking at the NAACP Convention, and that VDARE.com was wrong to praise him:

This was a stupid thing for Tancredo to do, and a stupid thing for such a usually reliable source of information and opinion like V-Dare to praise, though V-Dare has a history of pandering to blacks on the immigration issue…there are lots of white people in many places of the country that have not yet been afflicted by mass Mexicanization, but are heavily black. So most white people in places like Mississippi, or Cleveland, Ohio, or even here in St. Louis, who don’t understand the furor over immigration because they haven’t experienced its effect, do have first-hand experience with blacks.

What Tancredo and V-Dare have just done is to flip the bird to white people who would be on their side on the immigration issue once they experience Mexicans and Latin Americans, by endorsing the NAACP and all the crime and violence committed by the racial minority that the NAACP represents, which such white people and voters are far more likely to have experienced.

Pandering, of course, means seeking ingratiation by supplying a party with what they want. Pointing out to Blacks that the mass immigration is bad for them as well as for Whites simply does not fit the dictionary meaning. Compliance Blog chose the wrong word.

Perhaps Missouri is an exception, but, alas, Compliance Blog seems to be at least a decade out of date about the Mexican invasion. The most far flung areas now seem to suffering inundation.

Blacks, of course, certainly do create problems for the other Americans, particularly crime. It is silly to say that we ”endorse” this. And their leadership is indeed dubious. But as Peter Brimelow said in Alien Nation, whatever may be said about ”Afro-Americans”, they are unarguably a type of American. Establishing that there is common cause on the crucial issue of mass immigration is the rational thing to do.

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