Tancredo gets Applause at the NAACP
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From the Boston Globe:
That line drew a loud cheer from the audience, clearly appreciative that Tancredo had bothered to show up. He used his opening remarks to talk about his signature issue, illegal immigration, and how it was hurting American workers, and especially African-American workers. Tancredo said he gets "insulted" every time he hears that illegal immigrants are working jobs American citizens won't take.

"I've done those jobs, you've done those jobs, our kids have done those jobs," he said.

I have to give kudos to Tom Tancredo on this one. It is too bad that Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul didn't show up too—that would have made a very profound statement. These 3 minor candidates are the only Republicans that might have something serious to say to the folks at the NAACP. What would folks like Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, or John McCain have to say to the NAACP? Now that would have been a scene if Tancredo got cheered by the NAACP and the others got heckled or ignored. It would kind of make the claims of Tancredo's 'racism' seem silly now wouldn't it?

I also understand Tancredo's point on 'jobs American citizens won't take'. I also find it very difficult hearing that from someone that hasn't done any of the jobs that I have(which include construction and farm work).

I expect black folks and Computer Programmers understand aspects of immigration issues in ways few other Americans do. A lot of African Americans dislike immigration-but their major issue is jobs above anything else. These folks are also deeply afraid of immigration enforcement getting out of hand and turning into something no one wants. Those of us proposing immigration sanity need to learn to understand their concerns and as Tancredo showed, bother to show up when asked.

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