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Neocons To Invade Mexico? [Peter Brimelow] - 11/08/04

Fascinating to see that Frank Gaffney's much-denounced post-election wish list, posted on a neoconservative bulletin board on Friday, does include "sensible policies on securing our borders and contending with illegal aliens", buried among the calls for the coercion of Iran, North Korea, France, Germany, China, Russia, and "a number of aggressive anti-American regimes in Latin America." 

No doubt one of those aggressive-anti-American regimes is Mexico—which, after all, is the only one currently sponsoring an invasion of the U.S.

Transgendered and Transplanted to America [Bryanna Bevens] - 11/08/04

What do you get when you cross The Crying Game with The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and add a dash of Department of Homeland Security?

The answer: I have no idea…but then again, I don't think anyone knows what you call this one.

I thought I had stumbled across a practical joke or. well, anything other than the truth, when I found this Los Angeles Times story:

"Luis Reyes-Reyes says he fled El Salvador to escape persecution, and if immigration officials determine those fears are legitimate, he could be granted asylum in the United States under the Convention Against Torture.

"But Reyes-Reyes, 42, is not looking for traditional political asylum. As he and his lawyers put it, he fears returning to his homeland because, for much of his life, he has lived as a woman.

"The question before immigration officials is whether Reyes-Reyes will be among a small number of transgender immigrants who have been granted asylum because their sexual identity could put them in peril in their homelands.

"Reyes-Reyes won a temporary reprieve from deportation after the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last month that an immigration board in San Pedro did not consider his case under the proper legal standard.

It is not clear exactly when Reyes-Reyes adopted a female identity, but court documents noted, "He has had a characteristically female appearance, mannerisms and gestures for the past 16 years. He has a deep female identity."

Reyes-Reyes, who has a fifth-grade education and limited English skills, also fell afoul of the law, with more than a dozen misdemeanor convictions for prostitution, according to court files. Such convictions could be grounds for a deportation, federal immigration officials said. But it is unclear why Reyes-Reyes was not ordered deported after his first misdemeanor, which court documents say appears to have occurred in 1985.

It's also unclear how he was captured by immigration authorities. He was ordered deported in 2002.

Reyes-Reyes has been released from custody in San Pedro on bond.

[Transgender Man's Case Tests U.S. Immigration Law, By Ann M. Simmons, November 7, 2004]

As Forest Gump said: "That's all I have to say about that."

Segregation Caused By White Flight, White Flight Caused By…?[James Fulford] - 11/08/04

The Thernstroms have a piece in Commentary on the new "segregation" which consists of blacks living in black neighborhoods by choice, and attending majority black schools in their neighborhoods.[ Have We Overcome? by Abigail Thernstrom & Stephan Thernstrom, November 2004] The subtitle "Fifty years after Brown, segregation is gone, but the term is back," makes the point that nowhere in the country is there any legal segregation, and that black or hispanci neighborhoods arise the same way Little Italy or Chinatown does, voluntarily.

But there's another point that needs to be mentioned: white flight. White flight is not caused by racism, or at least not by white racism. It's caused by crime. Specifically, crime committed by blacks, directed at whites. (The word "crime" does not appear in the Thernstrom article.)

There is no suburban neighborhood where a black man can't live, where bigoted whites will organize committees as Beverly Hills homeowners once did against Lena Horne, that's over.

But if  whites move into black neighborhoods, they can get hurt. Whites been driven out of the inner cities across the United States by legitimate fear of targeted crime. Perhaps the Justice Department could investigate that.

Christmas has arrived early for Illinois Republicans [Dave Gorak] - 11/08/04

The imported Allan Keyes, who had his clock cleaned in the Illinois senatorial race by Democrat Barack Obama (a record margin of 70 percent to 27 percent), says he "expects" to remain here and continue working on our behalf.

"We are going to be working with folks who have worked with us in the course of this campaign, in order ... to speak to the true priority of the heart of the people of Illinois and elsewhere. That is a moral priority."

Keyes is going to need all the help he can muster in this endeavor, especially after blasting the GOP for its wishy-washy support of his silly "campaign" and dumping on a media he says "distorted" his position.

Staying true to the principles he reiterated during his concession speech that came not long after the polls had closed, Keyes has continued his classy act with this explanation for why he didn't call Obama and congratulate him on his victory:

"I'm supposed to make a call that represents the congratulations toward that which I believe ultimately stands for and will stand for a culture evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country?"  "I can't do this. And I will not make a false gesture."[ Keyes Blames Media, GOP for Loss in Ill., AP. By Nicole Ziegler Dizon, November 4, 2004 ]

Speaking of false statements, retiring Sen. Peter Fitzgerald on election night parroted the same garbage about the GOP here being unable to find a replacement for primary winner Jack Ryan after he left the race. "Even (Jim) Oberweis had certain conditions under which he would run," said Fitzgerald.

Right.  Like asking for the support of his own party and the White House.

Meanwhile, Judy Baar Topinka, who currently presides over the Republican rubble here, is now boasting that she's "reinvigorated" her party that for the past "40 or 50 years" sat on its hands while the Democrats made political hay.  Pretty strange, given that immediately after the Illinois Republican Central Committee voted to truck in Keyes, she all but disappeared and "wasn't giving interviews." 

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