VDARE.com: 10/19/04 - Blog Articles
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Black Protestants [James Fulford] - 10/19/04

One organization that has taken notice of the "black church" immunity rule is the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

William Donohue points out that while the IRS insists that

'churches and religious organizations' are 'absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.'  Yet when two black Protestant groups make a formal endorsement of candidates for U.S. senator, no one from our watchdog media complains. [BLACK CLERGY ENDORSE CANDIDATES; MEDIA GO MUM, September 15, 2004]

Of course, Catholic Bishops, while usually leftish, especially on immigration, get savaged by the Church-State fanatics when they get off the liberal reservation on moral issues, most recently on John Kerry's minimalist Catholicism.

Another Double Standard [James Fulford] - 10/19/04

Women's colleges, like historically black colleges, are an example of the liberal double standard. There are almost no men's colleges, and if you wanted to start one, persons would be lining up to sue you.

When the Citadel was being sued by feminists who wanted to turn it into a coed school, Eugene Genovese encouraged the Citadel's lawyers to ask the witnesses "which they hated more, men or the South?"

Arab Hardball, Mexican Softball [James Fulford] - 10/19/04

Rod Dreher in The Corner says that Bush is willing to play "hardball" by deporting one Palestinian who's on the board of a terrorism-sponsoring foundation, and got his US citizenship by a "green card marriage."

This "hardball" is going to annoy CAIR and Grover Norquist. It might help make up for Karl Rove's earlier enthusiasm for the Muslim vote.

But to get this one man deported, we're expected to accept that millions and millions of illegal aliens are going to be allowed to stay?

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