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Hamdi Goes Home [James Fulford] - 09/24/04

Home is where the heart is, they say, and when Yaser Esam Hamdi, was shooting at US Troops in Afghanistan, it was an indication that his heart wasn't in Louisiana, where he was born, but in, say, Saudi Arabia, where his family lived.

However, for the last three years, his lawyers have been trying to make him out to be a US citizen, so that they could get him out of the Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina.

Now the Justice Department has decided to let him go back to Saudi Arabia, as long as he promises to stay there, and as long as he will "renounce any claim he has to U.S. citizenship."

The Center For American Unity has a Press Release [Yaser Hamdi Can No Longer Claim To Be American Citizen] on this, and you can also read the Amicus Brief they submitted in Hamdi V. Rumsfeld.

Rich Lowry Channels VDARE.com [James Fulford] - 09/24/04

National Review Editor Rich Lowry's latest column is on the demographic danger to the GOP from Hispanics. It almost seems like he's been reading Peter Brimelow's Swept Away, the work of Steve Sailer, or even Sam Francis.

The National Review gang remains divided on what Jim Boulet called "the so-called Hispanic vote": See here, and here, but the most interesting comment on it was from the "Kerry Spot"

A new poll by the Washington Post shows two-thirds of Hispanics support John Kerry. That has to be disappointing to Team Bush... but it's worth noting that that's about the same amount of the Hispanic vote that Bush got in 2000.

Er, yes, and that's what we said in 2000. But guess what: four years of the Bush administration's border policy means that there are a lot more Hispanics, and they're in the Red States of the south-west.

Inequality and Immigration [James Fulford] - 09/24/04

Jack Strocchi has an interesting item on the Australian blog Catallaxy, on Inequality, Home-Grown and Alien Borne, which references the work of George Borjas, who, according to Jack, has no "nasty ideological axes to grind. His research bears this out. He argues that, just as water runs downhill, so the Demand Curve for Labour (pdf) is indeed downward sloping."

We don't have "nasty ideological axes" here at VDARE.com either; we use the "thick end of the wedge" instead.

UK Tories See Light (Or Feel Heat) [Steve Sailer] - 09/24/04

UK Independence Party's success at the polls seems to be driving the typically hopeless Tory Party in the right direction.

Tories pledge immigrant quotas  Tom Happold, September 22, 2004,The Guardian

Michael Howard today returned to the controversial issue of asylum, promising that a future Conservative government would impose a limit on the number of migrants admitted into Britain each year and tear up the UN convention on refugees. (Read the whole thing.)

Internet Tips I: Bugmenot.com [James Fulford] - 09/24/04

If you click through on the news story links, about half of them require some kind of highly annoying password. The website bugmenot.com will give you a password to just about any news website that you don't have to pay for. If you use the Firefox browser, you can get an extension that automates this process.

"A billion here, a billion there…" [James Fulford] - 09/24/04

In a recent story, a typo [my fault] referred to the war in Iraq as a $200 million dollar war. That's 200 billion, of course. A modern army can spend $200 Million just on weekend maneuvers. I fixed it, of course, and I didn't think it necessary to put in a correction, but I thought I'd mention it, because I want to link to this explanation of the famous Everett Dirksen quote: "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money."

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