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Michelle Malkin, The SPLC, And Us. [Peter Brimelow] - 09/25/04

Somebody called J. Alston [email him/her/it], writing for something called the [Henderson NC] Daily Dispatch, has just attacked Michelle Malkin for linking, on her website, to our Joe Guzzardi's column on her book Invasion. As he/ she/ it puts it incredulously, Michelle (shock! horror!)

"...actually links to a review of her first book that was written by Joe Guzzardi for VDARE.com. VDARE, an anti-immigration organization based in Warrenton, Va., is recognized as an active hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Does this mean that the SPLC can officially recognize www.michellemalkin.com as an Internet hate site?"

(Actually, Joe's column was from the unimpeachably establishment Lodi-News-Sentinel. But why spoil a good smear?)

The SPLC has indeed named us a "hate group" and (yes, yes!) I will get around to answering it eventually. I've delayed because (a) doesn't everybody know that the SPLC is a crackpot shakedown operation preying on rich, paranoid old liberals? (b) Who cares? (c) We've named the SPLC a "Treason Group" and, hey, turnabout seemed fair play.

I was about to say that J. Alston's piece typifies lumpen liberal stupidity in its hysteria, arguments from (specious) authority, guilt-by-association etc.

But then I saw this next item in his/her/its column:

"'Terrorists for Kerry 2004' bumper stickers: These cheap shot works of propaganda are gaining a lot of popularity. Given Bush's lax reinforcement of our borders even in the midst of a war on terror, would it be wrong for me to counter these with 'Illegal Immigrants for Bush 2004' bumper stickers?"

Which strikes me as an excellent point. So maybe what's going on here is a little Mark Krikorian-type triangulation—posing as the good cop and casting VDARE.COM as the bad cop.

But be careful, J. Alston! The SPLC's Morris Dees is watching you—and he thinks good cops, bad cops and all darn cops are agents of the Third Reich!

VDARE.COM's Randall Burns on Slashdot [Peter Brimelow] - 09/25/04

Randall Burn's recent article on the jobs crunch has provoked a long, heated discussion on the techie site Slashdot.org.

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