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Mexican Elites vs. Their People and Ours [Randall Burns ] - 09/21/04

In Steve Sailer's Turkey article there was this quote from Jorge Castaneda

"That's what Fox essentially wants, the type of resource transfers that occurred in Spain and, before Spain, in Ireland, and, after Spain, in Portugal and Greece. The Germans were willing to build highways in Spain. Somebody else has to build our highways. We don't have the money."

Now, the number of folks with a million in financial assets (excluding real estate) is growing rather rapidly in Latin America-and Mexico may be ahead of the pack:

What Mr. Fox is really saying: "The elites that keep me in power have a systematic program of concentrating assets in their hands-and this means, by necessity, many of the people affected must go someplace else. The Mexican Jobs program is moving people to Los Angeles".

I would suggest that immigration restrictionists consider offering illegal immigrants now in the US $10,000 per employer they turn in (the amount of the fines now in place) upon repatriation for some period of time (say $2000/year over 5 years). That is an immediate measure that is compatible with existing laws. This could be done as part of a program of enforcement increasing those employer fines to a level that would provide clearer incentives in the future (say more like $250,000).

If building roads and basic infrastructure is what it would take to convince Mexicans to stay home-that might be well worth it it. Of course, Mexico has some far deeper problems.

InterNational Data [James Fulford] - 09/21/04

The Business Software Alliance does a global study of software piracy. Here's a chart of the level of piracy around the world, showing which countries are naughty, and which nice.

Countries with Highest Piracy Rates

Countries with Lowest Piracy Rates

Vietnam 92%

 United States 22%

China 92%

 New Zealand 23%

Ukraine 91%

 Denmark 26%

Indonesia 88%

 Sweden 27%

Zimbabwe 87%

 Austria 27%

Russia 87%

 United Kingdom 29%

Algeria 84%

 Japan 29%

Nigeria 84%

 Belgium 29%

Pakistan 83%

 Germany 30%

Paraguay 83%

 Switzerland 31%

Given that the rates of piracy probably reflect national levels of honesty, immigration policy should be geared towards encouraging immigration from the honester countries in the right hand column.

But no! It's left-hand column all the way.

Players threatened to decapitate and rape " [Brenda Walker] - 09/21/04

Multicultural integration is not going well in Norway, it appears. Near Bergen, soccer players from the team Djerv 2 ("which mainly consist[s] of immigrants"—meaning Muslims) acted aggressively toward the other team and the onlookers, with one player assaulting a fan in the stands. Police had to be called to protect the spectators and calm the situation.

"Brave but small company of conservative immigration reformers." [Peter Brimelow] - 09/21/04

John O'Sullivan's Chicago Sun-Times column today mentions VDARE.COM and (ahem) me.

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