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A Letter From "U.S. Border Patrol Agent X" [D.A. King] - 09/20/04

Just got this from another whistle-blower:

How's it goin'? I see that you are challenging 'the man'. Good!! Asa Hutchinson is nothing more than a "feel good" politician. There is no more Immigration Service. The powers that be, have successfully done away with that pesky vote-hurting office and hidden it deep away into the U.S. Customs Service.

The only thing close to immigration is the Border Patrol, which wants to get illegals out, and the Bureau of Citizenship, (or something like that), which wants to make them all legal. BICE is a farce! Most of them now work closely with Customs, doing Customs things. Bush, that traitor Kerry, and all the rest of those bottom-sucking politicians now realize that illegal aliens vote, thanks to lax state voter registration standards, and they want all of those poor, illegal alien, huddled masses to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

So the Border Patrol is being subjugated to Customs, under-funded, under-manned, attention diverted...told to shut up and sit down! All the while, the country that we love is being over-run by uneducated, amoral foreigners, and our rights as citizens are being usurped. The politicians have elected U.S. citizens out of office, in favor of a more ignorant, easier to manipulate and push around, foreigner. DHS foowee!

There is an Army base over here named Fort Huachuca, it is located within 10 miles of the border. It is a Military Intelligence base. The Commander of the base does not like Border Patrol. He has a very small police force, MPs, who do not work with the Border Patrol to secure his base.

Meanwhile, groups of hundreds of illegal aliens trespass through the military installation every night. Most of the illegal aliens are OTM's, (other than Mexicans). The much touted UAV's that are supposed to be helping us secure the border are hovering over Fort Huachuca, while we unsuccessfully attempt to capture the groups in the high mountains.

The base Commander seems to care very little that hundreds of possible terrorists could be infiltrating his installation and this country!

Preaching to the choir eh?

Keep on them D.A., like the devil dog you are!

XXXXX [Name Withheld]

Tilove on Sailer Strategy [Steve Sailer] - 09/20/04

After interviewing me and reading many of my articles, Jonathan Tilove, Newhouse News' fine race and immigration reporter, produced this article: "GOP, Democrats Search for Strategic Key to All-Important White Vote:"

"Every day, America becomes less white. What that means, according to the common wisdom, is that Republicans had better start doing better with black and Hispanic voters or get used to losing. But this wisdom obscures a greater truth: In 2004, and for the foreseeable future, the white vote remains the big enchilada, the focus of both parties' efforts and the key to victory. 

"Whites will determine the next president," said demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution and the University of Michigan. He has calculated that while non-Hispanic whites are 69 percent of the population, they will—because of higher rates of citizenship, registration and turnout—make up nearly 80 percent of the electorate in November and 86 percent of voters in 17 critical battleground states. 

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