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Bush Solves Illegal Immigration Problem! [Peter Brimelow] - 01/12/05

President Bush used three techniques to solve the illegal immivasion problem in his interview today reopening his immigration offensive, now that the election is safely over. ["Bush vows push on immigration," By Joseph Curl, Washington Times, January 12, 2005]

  • Define it away—call them "undocumented workers", the term favored by the Treason Lobby, ignoring their tax-eating dependents.

  • Minimize their numbers—Bush cited "8 million", the lower bound of the 8-12 million currently estimated by the Census Bureau, itself possibly a massive undercount.

  • Legalize them. (But we knew that already).

One interesting hint—Bush added:

"And if Congress is worried about logjams for certain countries' becoming citizens, they need to change that part of the law."

In other words, Bush also wants a huge increase in the rate at which immigrants—including the illegals he wants to amnesty—can enter the American political community.

Why have borders at all? Or nations?

Our Friend Feder [Peter Brimelow] - 01/12/05

The redoubtable Don Feder was one of the first mainstream columnists to note the War Against Christmas. Now he comments on the Mexican Government's How-To Guide For Illegal "Migrants."

Connecticut Pol's Poll Shows Massive Support for (Real) Immigration Reform [Donald A. Collins] - 01/12/05

After National Intelligence Reform Act passed without proper immigration protections, Speaker Hastert promised early action in the new Congress. 

With President Bush's plans for another huge amnesty for illegal aliens, an obvious major disagreement within the Republican majority is shaping up.

So some are testing constituent attitudes. Peter Gadiel, President of 9-11 Families for a Secure America, whose son was killed in the Twin Towers attack, advises me that Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT) did a recent survey among his constituents to determine their attitude on treatment of illegal aliens. Not to the surprise of anyone who has followed our immigration invasion, his findings repeat many earlier polls :


Question #23. Do you support deportation of illegal aliens?

Answers: Yes 70.5%, Not sure 14.7%, No 13.3%, n/a 1.5%

24. Do you support amnesty for illegal aliens?
Answers: No 60.3%, Not sure 20.9%, Yes 17.0%, n/a 1.8%
28. Illegal aliens should be entitled to public health services.
Answers: Strongly disagree 49.4%, Somewhat disagree 18.8%, Somewhat agree 17.4%, Strongly agree 9%, No opinion 4.2%, n/a 1.2%

29. Illegal aliens should be entitled to public education and access to higher-education benefits.

Answers: Strongly disagree 56.1%, Somewhat disagree 17.7%, Somewhat agree 13.3%, Strongly agree 7.8%, No opinion 3.8%, n/a 1.3%

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