Bush Solves Illegal Immigration Problem!
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President Bush used three techniques to solve the illegal immivasion problem in his interview today reopening his immigration offensive, now that the election is safely over. [“Bush vows push on immigration,” By Joseph Curl, Washington Times, January 12, 2005]
  • Define it away—call them “undocumented workers”, the term favored by the Treason Lobby, ignoring their tax-eating dependents.
  • Minimize their numbers—Bush cited “8 million”, the lower bound of the 8-12 million currently estimated by the Census Bureau, itself possibly a massive undercount.
  • Legalize them. (But we knew that already).
One interesting hint—Bush added:“And if Congress is worried about logjams for certain countries' becoming citizens, they need to change that part of the law.”In other words, Bush also wants a huge increase in the rate at which immigrants—including the illegals he wants to amnesty—can enter the American political community.Why have borders at all? Or nations?
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