Van Jones: It Was A 'WhiteLash' — Black Republican: You're Right, It Was
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Apropos of John Derbyshire’s post about black leftist Van Jones, who wants to know how to explain the “whitelash” to his kids, black Republican Crystal Wright (who blogs as Conservative Black Chick)at Mediaite agrees ... with Jones. It was a “whitelash,” and there was good reason for it.

In a piece explaining how the smug liberal media are in denial about why Hillary Clinton lost, Wright says this about Jones’s “whitelash” theory:

CNN’s Van Jones said the election of Donald Trump was evidence of a ‘white lash.’ As outlandish as Jones sounded, he was partly right. After eight years of the first black president doing anything but bringing the country together, white people were fed up with being told they were a racist lot whose lives didn’t matter. Trump won largely because he energized the shrinking portion of America’s electorate: white voters. But he also performed better with blacks and Hispanics than anyone ever expected he would (or than Mitt Romney did).

As a black Republican, I do worry that the GOP will see Trump’s victory as a confirmation that the party can rely solely on the white vote to be in the White House. Guys, this would be a bad supposition, as the nation’s population is getting browner — not whiter.[ Liberal Media More Stunned That Hillary Lost, than Donald Won, by Crystal Wright, November 9th, 2016]

That last line is true, but it will stop getting browner once The Wall goes up. Building it was part of the reason for Trump’s victory.


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